Article 1. Scope

1.1 Unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing by Valérie Berckmans SPRL, these terms shall apply to all sales contracts effected between Valérie Berckmans SPRL, established at 1030 Brussels (Belgium), Rue des Pâquerettes 110, with company number 0896.894.860 (hereinafter: “Valérie Berckmans”) and the customer via its website as well as to all offers made by Valérie Berckmans by way of its website.

1.2 Unless confirmed in writing by Valérie Berckmans, these terms shall have precedence over any purchase conditions of the customer, even if not explicitly rejected by Valérie Berckmans.

Article 2. Conclusion of sales contracts

2.1 The offers and prices stated on the Valérie Berckmans website are in euro and inclusive of VAT. They are only for information and are not binding on Valérie Berckmans.

2.2 Orders shall only be binding on Valérie Berckmans and a sales contract shall only have effect when the Customer has received an email from Valérie Berckmans confirming his/her order.

2.3 Any sales contract shall be considered to be concluded, after acceptance, at the address of the statutory seat of Valérie Berckmans. Any deviation from this must be expressly accepted by Valérie Berckmans in writing.

2.4 Valérie Berckmans has the right to cancel the sales contract without cost within a term of 3 (three) working days after the conclusion of the sales contract pursuant to article 2.2. The cancellation must not be motivated. All sums paid by the customer shall be reimbursed immediately following said cancellation.