Article 1. Scope

Unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing by Valérie Berckmans SPRL, these terms shall apply to all sales contracts effected between Valérie Berckmans SPRL, established at 1030 Brussels (Belgium), Rue des Pâquerettes 110, with company number 0896.894.860 (hereinafter: “Valérie Berckmans”) and the customer via its website as well as to all offers made by Valérie Berckmans by way of its website.

Unless confirmed in writing by Valérie Berckmans, these terms shall have precedence over any purchase conditions of the customer, even if not explicitly rejected by Valérie Berckmans.

Article 2. Legal capacity and status

By placing an order the customer guarantees that he/she is of age and fully legally competent to enter into the sales contract referred to in article 1.1.

Purchases via the website referred to in article 1.1 are only open to consumers. The customer declares to be a natural person and, on concluding the sales contract referred to in article 1, to act in the capacity as consumer, non-trader.

Article 3. Delivery, transport costs and risk transfer

The ordered goods shall be delivered by Valérie Berckmans at the delivery address mentioned by the customer.

The costs of transport of the goods shall be borne by the customer, in accordance with the price mentioned at the moment of offering. The cost of goods sent back because of complaints, shall be initially paid by the customer and shall be reimbursed in case the complaint is justified.

The transport of the ordered goods will be insured by Valérie Berckmans.

The delivery time stated is only indicative and can only be binding on Valérie Berckmans to the extent that it aims to approach the expected time of arrival as closely as possible. In no case shall the delivery time constitute an essential part of the concluded contracts. The expiry of the agreed delivery time, to the extent that it is not due to bad faith or major error by Valérie Berckmans, does not constitute the right to refusal or cancellation of the order or damages.

Under no circumstances is Valérie Berckmans obliged to deliver goods when payment referred to in article 4.1 has not yet been received.

Article 4. Payment

Payment should take place using one of the payment methods offered on the website. The customer declares to only use payment cards or credit cards he/she is entitled to use and that there are sufficient funds for the payment to be made. Payment by way of transfer is only possible where this has been agreed expressly and in writing between the parties.

Article 5. Complaints

Complaints in respect of visible faults must be notified to Valérie Berckmans by the customer within 48 hours after taking receipt of the goods, by way of registered letter, by telephone number via number +32 502 94 00 or by email to or

Complaints in respect of hidden faults must be immediately notified Valérie Berckmans by the customer within a period of 8 days after discovery, by way of registered letter, by telephone number via number +32 502 94 00 or by email to or

Complaints reported outside of the terms referred to in article 5.1 and 5.2 shall under no (circumstances result in any liability on the part of Valérie Berckmans.

Article .1, 5.2 and 5.3 apply notwithstanding the possibility of the customer – Consumer according to article 1649quater of the Belgian Civil Code to invoke the guarantee in case of nonconformity of the goods for faults that existed at the moment of delivery and were discovered within a period of 2 years after delivery.